Create with A.R.C.

This is a variety product that we provide for those who wish to learn and try their hand at making some beautiful arts and crafts. Amongst the many materials provided in the kits is detailed instructions on how to work your way from start to finish with your project, also optional is a native design template of your choosing


Our Goal is redirect a portion of the profits from the "Create with A.R.C." sales into a community development fund that will one day be put to help for the better of a small village in Southeast Alaska named Kasaan, and with enough support we hope to one day be able to contribute towards improving access to the arts and culture in the surrounding communities 

Rattle & Jewelry

Wooden Display Paddles

Wooden Boxes

Custom PopSocket

Medicine Bag

Mittens or Moccasins

Alaska Rooted Creations LLC

P.O. Box 372-KXA

Kasaan, Alaska 99950-0340